Bind your Voomga Account, Win FREE Gifts!


Bind your Voomga Account, Win FREE Gifts!



During the past half a year, we have shared joy and happiness in the Mythic Saga, we really appreciate your support for us. At this Thanksgiving time, we have special gifts for everyone.


You may log in the game using Facebook, Twitter, Google, MSN and Yahoo accounts, now you just need to bind your account to Voomga, you can visit and get a special gift code, enter the game and use it to exchange for all these most valuable gifts!



Voomga VIP Giftpack contains:


2 Pack Expansion Scrolls

300 Credits

1 Five Element Pack

10 Fusion Gems

5 Mega Genius Scrolls





If you registered your account via our website (your account name shows up as an email) then your account is already bound, you can get the gift code directly!



Six reasons to bind your account:


1. Experience better graphics in full screen mode!


2. An even more secure account!


3. Faster loading times!


4. Get faster access to Customer Service!


5. Get more information about the game!


6. FREE gifts!



How to bind:


1. Visit


2. Then choose Mythic Saga(SEA) and select your server.



3. If your account is not bound to Voomga, you will get this message.


4. Then it will go to this page:


5. You need to enter an email(you can login our game using this account), password and your birthday.


6. Then you will see this page:


7. Visit again and choose the game and server, then click “Claim Rewards”, you will get the gift code!



How to use the code:


1. Go to the Southern Town(Mythos), Woodville(Atlas), Lotus Village(Terra).


2. Find Pengee in this map: 


3. Enter your code and claim your gifts!


What are you waiting for? Bind your account now!



Mythic Saga (Golbal) Team

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Official Site: