For players still a little unfamiliar with online RPG games, ‘Mounts’ are a mode of transportation considerably faster than simply walking from place to place.  Mounts vary considerably in appearance and stats, for example some ‘Mounts’ are much faster than others.
All players will obtain a basic mount at some point in the game.  To use a mount and to view
detailed information about them you simply click the ‘Mount’ icon at the bottom right of your
screen.  While pressing the ‘T’ button will allow you to quickly mount and dismount. 

In the ‘Mount’ window, you will be able to see a list of your mounts.  Choosing one and mounting it will give you additional stats with which you can go into battle.

Feeding and Upgrading your Mount:
Feeding your mount will grant it experience that will allow it to level up, just as you do.  And, like when you level up, the mount’s stats will increase.
Food that you may use to feed your mount may be obtained via the ‘Land of Fairy Monsters’ instance.

Mount Phasing:
Your hard earned coins and ingots can be spent in a special function of the ‘Mount’feature – Phasing.  Phasing offers the player the opportunity to randomly adjust some of the stats of his or her mount and, if satisfied allows you to ‘swap’ them, at which point they become your mounts new stats.
The higher your mounts existing stats, the harder it will become to ‘Phase’, but if successful the stat increases can be extremely beneficial!

Scrap Book:

    The Mounts that you collect during your adventures will also be displayed in the ‘Scrap Book’ tab of the ‘Mount’ window.  Each Mount you collect can also grant you a buff to a certain stat, sometimes defensive, sometimes offensive.  You can view details of this in the ‘Scrap Book’.

Note:  You may only obtain these buffs from different types of mount; you cannot stack a buff from the same type of mount, or stack the same type of buff from different mounts either.

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