Skyripper Bahasa Open Beta Events


Event 1: Diamond for All!

Date: 29 Januari - 4 Februari

Details: During Closed Testing, you cancreate a Skyripper character and venture into the Aquarius test server. Oncein, you will be able to get a Diamond VIP Card with 19 super VIP privilegessimply by clicking the [Reward] icon in the top right corner! Nothing worksmagic like a VIP card! Click the “VIP” button below your character icon andcheck out your new privileges!


>> Click to check VIP privileges


Event 2Prowess Bump -Giftpacks worthy of your power!

Date: 29 Januari - 4 Februari

Details: To reward your enthusiasm intesting, we have decided to present all testers with exclusive “CBT Giftpacks”.  Keep up your leveling!  Remember, we will be with you every step ofthe way. Open the Event window and prepare to be amazed by our “CBT Level-upGiftpacks”!





5000 Bound Kredit,10 Mount Food,5 Blue Tempering Material


10000 Bound Kredit,20 Mount Food,10 Blue Tempering Material


20000 Bound Kredit,50 Mount Food,15 Blue Tempering Material



5000 Zenith,100 Mount Food,20 Blue Tempering Material,20 Flying Essence,10 Enlighten Charm Rank 2



10000 Zenith,150 Mount Food,25 Blue Tempering Material,25 Flying Essence,20 Enlighten Charm Rank 2



20000 Zenith,200 Mount Food,30 Blue Tempering Material,30 Flying Essence,30 Enlighten Charm Rank 2




Event 3: Achievers Giftpack

Date: 29 Januari - 4 Februari

Details: The top 5 ranked players of each class will be rewarded with “BetaTesting Giftpacks”.




Juara 1

500 Bound Kredit,10 Gold Coupon

Juara 2

400 Bound Kredit, 5 Gold Coupon

Juara 3

300 Bound Kredit, 2 Gold Coupon

Juara 4

200 Bound Kredit, 1 Gold Coupon

Juara 5

100 Bound Kredit,50 Silver Coupon




1. Winners will be taken from the rankinglists as they stand just before testing closes.

2. The winner list will be published onSkyripper’s official website and Facebook page. The Details will be sent to thewinning characters’ mailboxes.

3. The winners can only use the giftpacksonce.

4. VOOMGA reserves the right to cancel thisevent. VOOMGA reserves the rights to interpret the terms and conditions of thisevent.


Event 4: A test of speed and strength

Date: 29 Januari - 4 Februari  

Details: The Trial of the Six Realms is afantastic feature of Skyripper that allows players to collect a wealth of rareand useful items.  For the duration ofclosed testing, we have decided to add an additional incentive for players whocan clear scenes in the Trial of the Six Realms fastest! Every day, the top 5fastest players in the Trial will be awarded with the following gift packs.


Winners are decided every day at 24: 00.Rewards will be sent out at 11:00.




Juara 1

30 Star Fragment,50 Phase Pearl,25 Orange Tempering Material

Juara 2

25 Star Fragment,40 Phase Pearl,20 Orange Tempering Material

Juara 3

20 Star Fragment,30 Phase Pearl,15 Orange Tempering Material

Juara 4

15 Star Fragment,20 Phase Pearl,10 Orange Tempering Material

Juara 5

10 Star Fragment,10 Phase Pearl,5 Orange Tempering Material




Event 5: Wings

Date: 29 Januari - 4 Februari

Details: At level 10, all players will be able to claim for free a set ofmagnificent Wings. Wings allow players to experience the Flying feature andenjoy the added benefit of additional stats! Remember to collect your Wings of Light *1 as soon as you hit level 10!


Event 6: Testing Rewards

Date: 29 Januari - 4 Februari

Details: For the duration of closedtesting, players that submit reports of BUGs found in game will be awardedanywhere from 100 to 1000 Bound Kredit (you will retain these Kredit aftertesting, as well!).  Players will submitBug Reports to the Bug Reports & Suggestions Page at for review by our Game Support Staff. Players are asked to submit bugs in the format shown below.


Submission Format Please fill in your own details

Character Name: Skyripper

Server: Test Server ‘Aquarius’

Other contact details: (mobile, instantmessenger services etc.)

BUG Description: For example ‘SpellingError’, ‘Image not displaying properly’, ‘Quest not completing’, ‘Mob levelhigher than zone level’ etc.

BUG Screenshot:



1. The more BUGs you submit, the morerewards you will receive.

2. In the event that there is submission ofsimilar bugs by many different players, the player who submitted the earliestreport will receive the reward.

3. Please make sure the contact details youleave are accurate in order to ensure you receive notification of any rewardsyou receive. Game support staff will contact you via the details you left andconfirm your in-game name before sending rewards your character.

4. The story and characters in the game arefictitious. Any resemblance to real persons or other works of fiction is purelycoincidental and does not constitute a BUG..

5. Players are advised to follow the formatshown above when submitting a BUG report. All submissions must have a screenshot of the BUG attached.




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