The Wait Is Almost Over! The Level 60 Expansion Will Soon Be Live


“War of Thrones” Exciting News! All New level 60 Releases, log on for a brand new experience!

Due to the awesome comments about “War of Thrones” and due to popular demand, Voomga is releasing the all new level 60 expansion!  Now you can unlock level 60 and experience all new game content!

The Update happens Tuesday the 20th from 10:00 to 12:00 am.

Update Notice:

1.    The max level cap is now increased to level 60!

2.    Tower of Babel is now unlocked!  It is a 100+ level solo instance that allow you to obtain the new Greater Combat Mastery scrolls that give 100,000 xp and extremely valuable treasure including rare items.

3.    New Lv60 Instances , and are now available with high-end item drops.

4.    Pet/Mount Equipment now drops from Instance bosses! Enhance your character attributes by equipping your pet and mount with awesome gear!

5.    Get Lv60 Legendary (purple) Equipment when you upgrade your Lv30 Legendary Gear or your Lv 50 Epic gear!

6.    Length of sending in-game mail is now increased to 500 characters

7.    New PvP Restriction Rules are now in place, players cannot assassinate other players if they are 10 levels above their own level.

8.    Guild Recruitment Announcements now cost 10 Gold in the World Channel. Guild rename now costs 450 Gold.

9.    The Santa Costume Set is now available in the Shop for limited time only during this Holiday Season.


More Update Details:

1.    3 New Instances: , and (open only during festive occasions). You can now receive the latest and most powerful weapons and armour in the game and discover rare items that have never been seen before, including the all new pet/mount equipment that provide huge combat bonuses.

2.    Lv60 Special Legendary sets are now available!

Lv60 Special Legendary Equipment Display:

Powerful Elite Equipment will not only give you the visual experience you deserve after winning countless battles, they also give you great attribute enhancements and allow you to continue fighting fearlessly and conquer your enemies!

Lv60 Legendary Equipment can be upgrade from the Lv30 Legendary Gear!

You can continue to enhance your Legendary Equipment by using Enhancement Items and eventually upgrade your Legendary Equipment to the next tier!


3.    Pet/Mount Equipment Info:


High level Pet and Mount Equipment can greatly enhance your fighting abilities!

You can upgrade Pet/Mount Equipment to further enhance their attributes!


4.    A more Powerful Pet/Mount now available!

Fire Bird:

Ancient Drake:

High Tier Mounts can be taken into combat, making you more powerful and fearsome in battle.




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